Take Charge of your life

It is so easy to get caught up in our busy, sometimes drama-filled lives that we stop prioritizing our time on what is truly important to us: Family, God, taking care of our health, creativity, travelling, learning - whatever it is that stirs up our heart and inspires us to move forward.

I have friends who are so obsessed with finding their 'soulmate' that they are neglecting the people in their lives that truly care about them. I have a mother who is so hurt by people in the past, that it is still negatively affecting her 'present'. I have a brother who admits that the relationship he is in is killing his confidence and he refuses to let go. I, myself have an amazing boyfriend and I can't seem to stop pushing him away because I am convinced that he will hurt me.

Can't we just look for the love that is already starring us in the eyes? Why do we have to desire that mystery of what is no longer there/may never be there? If Prince Charming isn't right infront of you, but your best friend is, Wouldn't it make sense to stop complaining about what your missing in life and start enjoying and appreciating every moment you have with that friend?

I think it would really benefit you to watch this video that I stumbled across on youtube. Remind yourself to start living for the right now, no one knows how much longer we have on this earth.



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