Self Awareness Principle #2.

”When you are negative, you attract negative people.” “Surround yourself with people who lift you up, not pull you down.”

Over the years, I have started to focus on my energy on people currently in my life who build me up: it makes such a difference! I encouraged my mom to do the same. If you are miserable because of a rotten person in your life, they are winning in their childish game. You can’t let them bring you down.


  1. I agree with this 100%.
    In the past I have had a tendency to become friends with people who end up just making me feel bad about who I was and they never encouraged me. I found myself become down on myself and really negative, so I had to cut them out.
    It was hard but I know that it has been for the best and that I can look back at the situation and see how it made me grow as a person.

  2. This was the theme of the event I did. The speaker talked on the laws of attraction. Positive action reaps positive rewards. I believe it works. There are negative influences in my life that I cannot remove, but I can see them less often.


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