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Permission to be different.

Each and every one of us has goals in life: some big, small, short-term and longterm.

It's one thing to dream and another to achieve.
"If you are not excited about your own dream, how can you expect anybody else to be." - Les Brown
"within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities." - Ebaugh Sue

Are you prepared to carry-on without anyone's support?
Do you have this idea or passion stuck in your mind?

What if I fail? What if I succeed? 
If you fail, will you still be proud of yourself for following through? Will you still feel accomplished? Will it better yourself? Even if you fail, it could give you the confidence to try in the future a different way.
If you succeed, well really - enough said. You have achieved your goal!

I swear by schedules! Take a look at your week, outline your existing priorities and find out realistically how much time you have allotted for working towards this goal. My goal, for example, is t…