Self Awareness Principle #1.

1. Show interest in other people’s interests.
2. Listen empathetically to the interests of other people. Prove to them you are listening to what they have to say.”

3. Find out what is really important to other people. Allow others to understand what is really important to you”

I never realized how much I didn’t care about what people had to say, unless it involved me!! People do have a lot to share and you never know who they know or what wisdom they may have for you!

I landed an internship with a Doctor (Who I have always had engaging conversations with at my gym) and it started from us listening to our interests and what we're involved in!


  1. I definately agree with number 2- listen empathetically to others. I have always liked to listen to other peoples' stories. And I find that you make your most lasting relationships really last by giving them the time every now and then to talk your ear off!

  2. I am with you on this one. I have a hard time being in conversations that do not involve me. I need to be a better listener and let the conversation develop by asking more questions and following up on their responses.


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