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Now this is living different

Just do it.

(Just Kidding, please don't) Without realizing it, I discovered some lessons about life while watching these talented Jamaicans at Rick's Cafe in Negril last week.
Now, I'm definitely not telling you to hang from a cliff with some of your friends, swinging yourself from a 60 ft tree over-looking the carribbean sea. But, these dare devils are clearly not afraid of anything. Cliff jumping must be one of the scariest things that come to my mind.

As, I was watching these crazy local Jamaican guys jump from these trees over looking the sea, the following thoughts were racing through my mind: "Who in the world were they listening to that encouraged them to do this?""Where are their mothers?""Where did this courage come from?""Are they on drugs?""Please don't fall!"I decided there are two options for why these men got the courage to do this: 1) They are on drugs, OR.. 2) They were brought up with parents or other inf…