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When in doubt, laugh.

Over the past few weeks, I have talked to many people, many people who mainly discuss their worries and concerns in life. I can't help it, I do this a lot too. But why complain? Life is so short!
Two weeks ago, a lovely girl named Ashley did a presentation to my class on how laughter is the best medication. I was reminded of her presentation yesterday, when I was talking to someone who was on a complaining rant for a little over 10 minutes. Rather than joining in and complaining about my own situation. I thought I would make light of the situation with a joke. Which worked! We left our conversation with smiles on our faces, and she probably was in a good mood for atleast 20 minutes after. 
Yesterday, I goggled to see what the doctors thought of laughter as medication. I summarized the following article for you: Laughter is the best medication
Humour is infectious: it binds people together and increases overall happineness
Humour and laughter actually strengthen your immune system, boo…